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Photo Galleries / PictureAppetite for Gombrowicz

Artistic picnic co-organised by the Witold Gombrowicz Museum and Wsola-Pomost Foundation.


Open discussion Is Gombrowicz Appropriate School Reading Material? Participants: Prof. Andrzej St. Kowalczyk, Jarosław Klejnocki, Ph.D. and Michał Friedrich, Ph.D. – lecturers of the University of Warsaw. Co-organiser: Mazovian Self-Government Centre for Teacher Development.

Martyna Jakubowicz’s concert.

Concert of the METAMATERIA group.

Virginity – a monodrama played by Alina Czyżewska  based on Witold Gombrowicz’s text, directed by: Przemysław Wiśniewski. (1st place and the prize “for a particularly remarkable debut of a young actor – A STEP TO CAREER” of the OFTJA 2002 National Festival of One Actor Theatres in Wrocław; 7th International Gombrowicz Festival, Radom 2006 – a prize for the best actress of the Festival and a prize in the 1st Contest of the Gombrowicz-based Monodrama.

Blues in the park, i.e. a concert of the Blue Sounds group.

From the Private Diary – a performance by the Czango Troupe.

Written and directed by: Hieronim Poniżalski. Actors: Monika Dąbrowska and Zbigniew Kowalski. Music: Daniel Moński.

The Czango troupe was set up in September 2009 during their work on the performance From the Private Diary inspired by the works of Witold Gombrowicz.


fot. Ewa Witkowska

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