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"The Black Cab" (2011-12-16)

promotion of a volume of poetry and inauguration of the Witold Gombrowicz Museum book series Bibuła Literacka ( Literary Pamphlets).

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The Snow Falls All Over the Place (2011-12-11)

this and other well-known songs and jazz standards were performed by a jazz trio consisting of: Iza Zając – vocals, Jarosław Małys – piano and Paweł Puszczało – double bass.

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Divine Buenos Aires – purchase of Gombrowicz’s letters. (2011-12-04)

Fifty-three letters written by Witold Gombrowicz were added to the Witold Gombrowicz Museum Collection. The negotiations with the correspondence addressee – Gombrowicz’s friend Juan Carlos Gómez lasted more than a year. It was perhaps the third attempt to buy these precious documents of Polish culture, this time a successful one!

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"Nights and Dreams" - Magda Umer’s concert (2011-11-04)

Magda Umer accompanied by well-known musicians performed some compositions from her latest album Nights and Dreams

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2nd Gombrowicz Panel Discussioni (2011-10-07)

Apart from Rita Gombrowicz, the participants of this Panel Discussion were eminent translators: Danuta Borchardt (USA), Bożena Zaboklicka (Spain), Olaf Kühl (Germany), Lajos Palfalvi (Hungary), Anders Bodegård (Sweden), and Marta Jordan and Jerzy Jarniewicz.

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Meeting with Olga Tokarczuk (2011-10-04)

Tomasz Tyczyński talked to the writer about roots and travelling, the role of provinces (peripheries) in the life and artistic work, provinces not only in the sense of geography but also peripheries of cultures, intellectual and artistic life and “magical provinces” which appear in her works.

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Kazimierz Głaz – Motifs from Vence. (2011-09-20)

A painter, Witold Gombrowicz’s friend and author of the book Gombrowicz in Vence met in our Museum with the audience and gave as a gift to the Museum six paintings which used to hang in Gombrowicz’s apartment in Vence. The cycle of paintings is named Motifs from Vence.

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Concert of the Sinfonia Viva (2011-09-04)

Concert of the Sinfonia Viva chamber music orchestra conducted by Tomasz Radziwonowicz.

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Bronisław Komorowski at the Witold Gombrowicz Museum (2011-06-25)

President Bronisław Komorowski took part in the celebrations commemorating the June 1976 events in Radom. However, he started his visit at our Museum. “I wanted to be in Radom, in the places which are connected with the fight for freedom but also in such places in which this hard-won Polish freedom is used well, wisely and effectively” – the Polish Press Agency quoted the President.

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Appetite for Gombrowicz 2011 (2011-06-17)

Artistic picnic co-organised by the Witold Gombrowicz Museum and Jedlińsk Comunnity.

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