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Permanent exhibition entitled: "I, Witold Gombrowicz”. Concept and Text: Jolanta Pol. Graffic Design: Adam Orlewicz. Installation: Pracownia Technik Scenograficznych "Tryktrak”.

The exhibition space is arranged in four rooms: the Cafe Ferdydurke (once Witold's room); the Polish Room; the Main Hall (the collection of personal effects); as well as the Argentinian-European Room.

Based on the author's biography, the exhibition allows visitors to view documents, photographs, correspondence, typewritten copies, and manuscripts, as well as first editions of works from individual periods of Gombrowicz's life.

The essential part of the exhibition are the excerpts from Gombrowicz's works: Dziennik 1953-1969; Wspomnieńie Polskie; Testament. Rozmówy z Dominique de Roux; and Biografiia (L’Herne, 1971). Thus the Witold Gombrowicz Museum is also a "museum for reading." An important supplement to the exhibition are the multimedia projections created by Anna Paź, as well as the documentary directed by Andrzej Wolski, Witold Gombrowicz 1904-1969. 

Two function rooms are available to visitors: a conference-exhibition room and a reading room.



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