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Great Ladies of the Blues (2010-12-12)

A concert with participation of Ewa Cybulska, Wojciech Karolak, Piotr Cieślikowski and Arek Skolik.fot. Ewa Witkowska

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Concert of the “Pustki” group (2010-10-30)

The “Pustki” group was set up in August 1999. The group has released five albums.

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1st Gombrowicz Panel Discussion (2010-10-16)

1st Gombrowicz Panel Discussion on Using Gombrowicz’s texts, or What We Do With the Classics?

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Mission and Masses, or of Culture in Hard Times – a discussion. (2010-10-03)

Participants: Jerzy Sosnowski –a writer, historian and literary critic, journalist of the Trójka Radio, feature writer and columnist of a monthly Więź; Krzysztof Kopczyński, Ph.D. –a historian of literature from the Department of Rhetoric and Media at the Institute of Applied Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw, film producer specialising in documentaries on cultural and social issues. The discussion was chaired by Tomasz Tyczyński.

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Concert of the Kumka Olik group (2010-09-11)

At that time a rising star of the Polish rock

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Robert Grudzień played Chopin’s music (2010-09-10)

The concert was given within the framework of the 23rd International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music, Radom-Orońsko (the event was held within our cycle The Place of Culture, Local Culture).

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"Wanderer’s Mass" (2010-06-20)

A performance by Anna Chodakowska.

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Appetite for Gombrowicz (2010-06-12)

Artistic picnic co-organised by the Witold Gombrowicz Museum and Wsola-Pomost Foundation.

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Children’s Day (2010-06-01)

Adrian Szary, a poet and a Polish language teacher presented to children his poems and fairy-tales from the cycle Szarówki czyli bajki do czytania o zmierzchu/Gray of the Day or Fairy-Tales to Be Read at Twilight (a meeting within The Place of Culture, Local Culture cycle).

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Spotkanie z Jarosławem Lipszycem (2010-05-24)

Of freedom in the Internet, information society, copyright and public debate in the context of civil rights – Dominika Świtkowska talked to Jarosław Lipszyc

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