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NewsThe museum is closed until further notice

Not 40, as it was initially estimated, but about 70 trees were devastated by the whirlwind which passed over Wsola. Currently we are evaluating damage and afterwards the park will need to be cleaned. The thunderstorm has also destroyed the roof of the palace, so the special assessment will be conducted to exclude the safety threat for our guests.

Because of that the sightseeing is impossible until further notice.

According to foresters 60 fallen trees are qualified as “windthrows”- they are broken on the basis or uprooted, which cannot be rescued anymore.

The remaining 9 trees are so-called breaks or windfalls - in that case the conservationist will decide whether they can be saved.

Unfortunately, the cleaning after this few minutes squall will last at least two or three weeks. At this time we should also receive the expert assessment of the condition of the roof, and then hopefully we can make our display available to our guests again. However, the surrounding of the palace will never be the same as it was before the squall.


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