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Photo Galleries / PictureMonodrama “I będą święta” (And Christmas Is Coming)

Text: – Piotr Rowicki. Directed by: Piotr Ratajczak. Actress: Agnieszka Przepiórska. Lights – Karol Rothkaehl.

This is a story of a woman whose husband, a public figure, dies in an air crash. It is also a tale showing that behind national tragedies individual tragedies are hidden and healing from the grief of losing someone close is much more difficult and painful than overcoming collective trauma. The more politics pushes into the sphere of painful intimacy, the more difficult it is.

In this performance Agnieszka Przepiórska created a deep, ambiguous character who is exposed to great emotions, an unusually human figure. Jacek Wakar was captivated by this role: “Przepiórska in this role is provocative, cheeky, suffering, furious and lost. All at the same time.”

fot. Dominik Musiałek

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