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News2nd Gombrowicz Panel Discussioni

Apart from Rita Gombrowicz, the participants of this Panel Discussion were eminent translators: Danuta Borchardt (USA), Bożena Zaboklicka (Spain), Olaf Kühl (Germany), Lajos Palfalvi (Hungary), Anders Bodegård (Sweden), and Marta Jordan and Jerzy Jarniewicz.

On the first day of the Panel Discussion the participants gave presentations concerning their experiences with translation and popularisation of Polish literature in particular language areas. The conference was chaired by Anders Bodegård.

The second day was dedicated to a debate dealing with the place and function of peripheral literature in world culture and the problems of the translation industry. The moderator of the debate was Jerzy Jarniewicz, a member of the editorial board of  the Literatura na Świecie monthly,  renowned poet and translator.


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